dripping SIP on FAC's Calibur

Barry Moran barry.moran at tcd.ie
Wed Dec 10 05:02:15 EST 2008

Hi Kate-

I think it may be a block in the waste line and you may need to clear those
lines with a syringe. You can take off the side panel and access most of the
tubing there- I think it can often be the tubing around the waste pump-
you'll see it cycling when the support arm is open; or else you may need to
re-sit the tubing around the pump.

I hope this helps a bit- maybe some who know a bit more about the Calibur
can confirm...


From: kwilliam [mailto:kwilliam at mun.ca] 
Sent: 08 December 2008 18:02
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Subject: dripping SIP on FAC's Calibur

I was wondering could anyone give me suggestions as to how to correct/ fix a
dripping SIP on a FAC's caliber. The SIP drips when the support arm is open
and the machine is running. This presents problems when trying to follow the
cleaning instructions and between samples as it drips into the sample. I
have tried priming the system repeatedly, changing the "O" rings in the SIP
and using a syringe to purge the SIP port. I have had the service technician
from BD down and he claims it is lack of cleaning after use I would beg to
differ as it clogged minutes after he left the last time.
Any help would be appreciated. 


Kate Williams
E.M. / FLOW Supervisor
E.M. Unit Room 1710
Faculty of Medicine 
Memorial University
St. John's NL
A1B 3V6
kwilliam at mun.ca

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