Tue Dec 23 14:12:36 EST 2008

Theolis Costa Barbosa wrote:

Hi everybody,

I am doing some staining for IL-2R and got surprised to see that, in spite
of having many proliferating T-cells (as assessed by 7-AAD), the percents of
IL-2R positive cells are low. Comments? Thank you very much for your attention.

Activated, proliferating cells can shed IL-2R.   An example is various forms of lymphocytic 
alveolitis, where the percentage of alveolar T cells expressing IL-2R is low, but soluble IL-2R 
may be detectable in the BAL.    You don't give any more details of your system or what cells 
you are looking at, but maybe you could look at soluble IL2-R.

Dr. D O Donnell,
University College Dublin

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