Cryopreserved Dendritic Cells?

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Hi Mario,
In our laboratory we use cryopreserved Rhesus PBMC, lymph node and spleen suspensions to
enumerate DCs for studies. Once thawed they have more than 90% viability. However during
culture they undergo increased death. This could be rescued by adding GMCSF, IL-4 and
IL-3 to the cultures. Again this survival is more pronounced in myeloid DCs compared to
Plasmacytoid DCs.
So, yes, we do agree with what you have observed not otherwise. I guess the thawing
conditions are critical in getting DCs back from frozen samples.
Any comments?

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Subject: Cryopreserved Dendritic Cells?

There is a persistent lore that you cannot cryopreserve dendritic
cells in PBMC -- that if you freeze PBMC and thaw them, you don't get
the DC's back out.  Recently, we were comparing fresh vs. frozen PBMC,
and did not observe this (if anything, the frozen PBMC had more
DC's).	However -- this was done only phenotypically and not

Can anyone point me to data that shows that DC's do not survive
cryopreservation?  Are there references to this?


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