Chromosome questions

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Dear Lindsey,

Our lab routinely sort/analyse chromosomes for microarray and FISH work.

We made used of 3um spherotech rainbow fluorescent particles for
alignment. In order to obtain data with good resolution (please see
attached paper) the instrument has to be aligned with 'very tight CV'.
You don't have to 'tweak' much in between sorting if the instrument is
stable (our Mo-Flo as well as lasers are sitting on an antivibration

I haven't try using a 50um nozzle-so I'm not sure about the quality of

Hope the above help.

The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
Hinxton, Cambridge
CB10 1SA

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Subject: Chromosome questions

For those of you who are routinely sorting/analyzing chromosomes (using
Hst and Chromomycin A3), I am interested in the particles you are using
to align your instrument.  Do you find it beneficial to use paticles
that are smaller than 2u spherotech beads? Do you find the instrument
requires tweaking once the chromosomes are run? Does the nozzle size
seem to affect alignment at all (i.e. 50u vs 70u)?  Any and all input
would be appreciated.


~ Lindsey Laycock
Flow Cytometry Operator
BC Cancer Research Centre
Vancouver, BC


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