Alexa Fluor conjugates

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The Alexa fluorchromes have a number after the word "Alexa", which  
indicates the excitation peak of the fluorochrome.  e.g.  
Alexa-488,excites maximally with a blue 488 nm laser,  Alexa-647  
excites maximally with a red 647 nm krypton laser line.  FL3 and FL4  
on the Canto are emission detectors from the blue laser in the long  
red wavelengths ( long 600's, and high 700's).	These are used for  
fluorochromnes having a large Stokes shift (difference between the  
excitation and emission wavelength). Almost all of these fluorchromes  
are tandem conjugates, e.g. PE-Cy5.5 or PerCp-Cy5.5, PE-Cy7, although  
there are some fluorchromnes that are used in applications which will  
give a bright enough signal to be measured in these channels even  
though it is suboptimal. But for your need of custom Ab conjugation,  
they would not be useful.

So there are no Alexa fluorchromnes that will meet your needs, which  
eliminates the possibility of using the Invitrogen custom labeling  
kits. To do custom conjugates with the tandem fluorchromnes will  
require more effort and money.

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On Sep 25, 2007, at 1:51 PM, John Pizzolo wrote:

> Can anyone share their experience with Alexa Fluor fluorochromes in
> terms of which ones correspond to the fluorescence channels of a 6- 
> color
> FACSCanto II?  We're specifically interested in the ones that  
> fluoresce
> in FL3 and FL4, with a view to custom-conjugating antibodies.

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