Optic set up for multicolr assay on Mo-Flo (2 lasers -6 colors)

Bee Ling Ng bln at sanger.ac.uk
Tue Sep 25 11:49:09 EDT 2007

Dear All,


I would be glad if you could share with me your 'optimal' optic
configuration (please include the type of Bandpass, longpass, short pass
as well as dichroic mirrors you are using) for the following combination
of fluorochromes on MO-FLO.

First laser 488nm(1st pinhole) : FITC, PE, PECY5.5, PECY7

Second Laser 635nm (3rd pinhole): APC, APC-CY7


Comment on the signals obtained is appreciated.


Many thanks,


The wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Hinxton, Cambridge

CB10 !SA


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