Luminex versus Calibur

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Mon Sep 24 16:33:25 EDT 2007

Dear Flow List-ers,
I'm collecting pros and cons to running CBAs on either the Luminex  
platform or on existing BD FACS Caliburs. We're looking for cytokine  
expression from a wide variety of sources...

- mouse serum for cytokines
- human cytokine responses from T cells
- multiplexed assays for human, non-human primate, and mouse cytokines
- cytokines form culture supernatant of spleen, and lymph nodes of  
tumor-bearing mice
- multiplexed assays for cytokines from mouse and non-human primate  
dendritic cells

.and so the question is: what can a Luminex 200 do for us any	
faster or easier than a Calibur for CBAs?

-- Suzanne

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