Compensation on FacsAria/Diva 5.0

Zhang, Yan yan.zhang at
Tue Sep 25 06:22:05 EDT 2007

Hi, flowers

I just found out that on the Diva 5.0, the instrument configuration has been changed a bit.

 I usally set the configuration on FacsAria and then choose the parameters with PerCP, but since I got the new Diva5.0 yesterday I lost the PerCP in the parameter window(Including dropdown window).

I tried to choose the 2 colosr' and 3 colors' on the configuration meny, the PerCP simply disappeared. So, I wonder if someone else got the same problems, or did I get a software that has been changed by accident before installing on our Aria?

I know that ether I have to do the compensation manually or I have to "cheat the machine" in the way that using CD45 PerCP as Cd45 PerCP-5-5(which I don't have at the moment!).

Could someone else check your Diva 5,0 and share the answers?


Yan Zhang 

Senior Engineer
Epi-Gen Inst.
Akershus universyhospital

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