Summary of results: 12um pore size 12well transwell plates

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Mon Sep 24 04:44:24 EDT 2007

Dear Flowers,

Thanks for all the replies to my question of last week concerning 12um pore size transwell plates. 

I've put all replies in this email for other peoples benefit.

We are going to test Millipore standing inserts to see if they can be used for our experiments



Floris van Alphen
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Hi Floris,
The BD 8um pore size plates ( 24 well inserts) are a good alternative as they still allow cells to go through if you are looking at the pore size for a metastasis assay. 

best regards Parul
Parul.Sharma at

Check Nunc.
dfreeck at

Check with Millipore has all sorts of transwell inserts including 12um.
I hope this helps...
Ali Borazjani
Biomedical Engineering
Dept. Ag & Bio Engineering
Life Sciences and Biotechnology Inst.
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Ph (662)312-7601

Hallo Floris: We use Neuroprobes chambers (12 wells) with polycarbonate or
cellulose nitrate filters.
T. Parra Cid
Unidad de Investigación
Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara

Hi Floris,

Greiner en BD (Falcon) hebben vergelijkbare platen, evenals Millipore. Falcon had recent enkele *maanden* geen platen beschikbaar, wat ons in vergelijkbare problemen bracht.

Je student(e) moet er erg op letten dat deze producten vergelijkbaar maar niet identiek zijn. Zelfs al mocht je dezelfde fitlermaterialen en poriegrootte vinden (onwaarschijnlijk), dan nog zullen de performance karakteristieken anders zijn.

Guy.Hermans at

Dit vind ik met google:

Tissue Culture Inserts (12 Well) - Biocompare Buyer's Guide CORNING TRANSWELL MEMBRANE, PC, 12MM DIAM, 12UM PORE, TC-TREATED, STERILE Sigma-Aldrich, Material: polystyrene polycarbonate membrane Pore Size: 12.0 μm ... - 55k

Maar dit zul jezelf ook wel gevonden hebben.
Arie van der Marel
vandermarel at

Dear Dr. van Alphen,

I thank you for your request below. I inform you that we do not have any 12um pore size inserts. However, we do sell a 12-well insert with 8um pore size that we recommend only for very big cells (like the tumor cells). In general what matter is the nucleus size and not really the cell size. The nucleus is less flexible than the cytoplasm and constitutes the limiting factor for a cell to go through the pores. Can I ask you which kind of cells you are planning to use?

I hope this will help a little.

Best regards,


Nathalie Suarez Gonzalez, PhD
BD Biosciences Scientific Support Europe
Tel: (+31) 010/711.48.00
Fax: (+31) 010/711.48.01
e-mail: help.biosciences at

Hi Floris,

   want to remember we used them from Falcon while ago, not sure about the pore size but you can check in their website.

Hope it helps,
Lola.Martinez at

Hello Floris, have a look at Greiner Bio one, perhaps they have asimilar product. 


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