FACS on platelets

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Dear Sergey,

		Fixing is the last thing you do to platelets, in fact it's a
definite no-way. You mention you would like to stop clogging the machine -
if are using thrombin or ADP to activate platelets then I found a way to
stop this to use a density gradient after making PRP to purify the platelets
this also removes clotting factors and hence the platelets do not aggregate.
I guess if you wish to add thrombin to diluted whole blood then if you add
excess EDTA, removing the calcium also stops the platelets  from
aggregating. I've been out of the field for sometime but searching under
Michelson should give you lots of up to date knowledge on the subject.



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From: Sergey Dzekunov [mailto:sergeyd at maxcyte.com] 
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Subject: FACS on platelets

I am looking for an advice about running human platelets through a flow

We understand that platelets need to be fixed prior to the procedure to
prevent clogging.

Can somebody please refer me to a proper protocol?

Thank you!

Sergey M. Dzekunov

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