CFSE proliferation software

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Depends what you mean by "analyze".  If you mean just to extract cell
numbers at each division state, we use our own Weasel program for that
(see , scroll to the bottom
of the page).  We also have a proliferation modelling program,
CytonCalculator, that can take that proliferation data and fit a model
calculation to it (see for the
entry point that describes the process).  CytonCalculator may be
downloaded free.  You'll find the download link on that page.

Frank Battye.

> From: Kalos, Michael
> Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2007 5:39 PM

> No doubt this has been brought up before:  I am looking for software
> recommendations to analyze data for measuring proliferation using CFSE.
> Our data is acquired on an FC500 and our computers are PC-based.

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