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J. Paul Robinson jpr at flowcyt.cyto.purdue.edu
Sat Sep 15 23:24:00 EDT 2007

If you go to


on the Purdue site, you will find our rates and those of about 50 plus 
other labs...it's fully up to date.

Kind regards

Paul Robinson

anet dow wrote:
> Hey Fellow Flowers:
> I am have a second questions to put to everyone.  I am interested in the 
> hourly rates	you charge for your flow lab services.	I looked on the 
> email archive and it has been several years since anyone asked this.
> I am interested in your analyzer and sorter rates and if you are 
> academic or corporate.
> I am also interested in what support you get from your institution in 
> either real money or grants.
> thanks again to everyone.
> I should have a summary of the maintenace contract info by next week 
> that I will post on the email list.
> Janet

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