hourly rates

janet dow jldow at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Sep 13 16:27:16 EDT 2007

Hey Fellow Flowers:

I am have a second questions to put to everyone.  I am interested in 
the hourly rates  you charge for your flow lab services.  I looked on 
the email archive and it has been several years since anyone asked 

I am interested in your analyzer and sorter rates and if you are 
academic or corporate.

I am also interested in what support you get from your institution in 
either real money or grants.

thanks again to everyone.

I should have a summary of the maintenace contract info by next week 
that I will post on the email list.

Janet Dow
Research Specialist and Manager
Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting  Facility
North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine
4700 Hillsborough Street
Room C-309
Raleigh, NC 27606

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