ARIA Cooling and Sort Rate

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1. You may want to make sure it is running.  Not sure if this has been
remedied in newer versions, but our Aria does not automatically turn on the
sample chiller when the instrument is powered up, even though the software
selection says 4C; we have to turn it off and back on.	You can tell it is
on when air is blowing out the holes in the black duct near the sample
chamber.  We tape a strip of tissue draped loosely over the hole to monitor
active air flow.  Once it is on, it works fine.  If it is on and not keeping
the sample cool, you may require service.  What temperature does it give
2. Use a filter in the sample line and it will never clog (with cells,
anyway.)  We use 40 um mesh melted to a cut pipette tip, attached to the
sample line with a small piece of silicon tubing (like the sample line on
the Vantage.)  You may also try more concentrated samples.  If they are low
concentration run at high sample pressure, you risk more crowding.  We run
some pretty sloppy samples at 15e6/ml (WBC count) up to 30k/s for several
hours with no clogs (just watch your coincidence and conflict counts at high
rates if yield is a concern.)  However, you mentioned you exclude debris:
the amount of debris must be considered since the instrument has to see it;
what is your rate when the debris is on scale?
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Dear All ARIA Experts,

I have two quick questions for you gentlemen/ladies.

1. The cooling mechanism of the sample chamber can't seem to keep the sort
sample at 4C. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking milling a metal
tube holder adapter to replace the plastic ones that come default with the

2. When sorting fresh human PBMCs (from density separation), we can't go
higher than 12k/sec (with threshold not including debris on purity sorting
mode) without clogging the nozzle. Any pointers? 

Looking forward to your valuable opinion and thank you very much.

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