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acridine orange. stains cells bright green, just mix dye with cells and you are good to go

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Hi All.

I have been allowed away from my flow lab to try our new CellCelector 
automated colony picker which we are hoping to use for automated colony 
picking of human and mouse embryonic stem cells.  We have been having 
some problems with using brightphase and phase contrast on the 
microscope for the detection of colonies so I thought that using a 
fluorescent dye taken up by all the cells ( exclusion dyes such as PI 
can't be used) would be a good	detection method.  I have tried using 
some Draq 5 and found that I got good definition of cell colonies.  We 
thought about using Hoescht or some of the vibrant dyes, but we are 
worried about using an inclusion dye to highlight the cells as we have 
to ensure that there are no changes to the DNA of the cells.  Does 
anyone know any fluorescent dyes that are cell surface markers, stain 
all the cells and can be used instantly?  We can use some stem cell 
markers but we would rather not have any incubation steps in order to 
make this process quick.

Many Thanks

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