CD45.2/CD45.1 Double Positives in transplant recipients

Wunderlich, Joshua JPW at
Thu Oct 4 18:04:44 EDT 2007

Fellow Flow-ers,

We have been performing competitive transplant experiments where we
inject B6 (CD45.2+) HSC subsets into lethally irradiated PTPRC (CD45.1+)
recipients (along with whole PTPRC bone marrow) and drawing peripheral
blood at regular time points to measure hematopoietic reconstitution.
In many of these peripheral blood samples, we are finding CD45.1/CD45.2
double positive cells.	They do not seem to be lineage-specific based on
back-gating them to FSC/SSC, nor when we look at further panels of
either CD3/B220 or Mac1/Gr1.  Has anybody else experienced this?  What
are these cells?  To this point, we have assumed that they were donor
derived, but we would love any insight anybody could provide.



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