Cell Quest Classic with OS X?

Joanne Lannigan joannelannigan at virginia.edu
Tue Mar 27 15:43:36 EDT 2007

Hi Art:
Yes, if you have a dual bootable system it does work. We have set ours up to
boot up in OS9 and run Cellquest Classic without any problems. We did this
so we could still use Fileguard which only works with OS9. I suppose you
could boot up in OSX too and then launch OS9 when you launch Cellquest.
Shouldn't be a problem if you have the appropriate system which can
accommodate the dual boots.

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> Hi All,
> I am running a FACScan using Cell Quest Classic on a Power Mac G4
> (Digital Audio Model). I am still using OS 9 because I was told that
> this version of Cell Quest cannot run under OS X.  Has anyone discovered
> if there is a way to run Cell Quest Classic under OS X? I read that OS X
> can be installed to include OS 9 so that OS 9-dependent programs will
> work. I wonder if this applies to Cell Quest.  Does anyone have
> experience with this?
> I'd appreciate any insights.
> Thanks,
> Art
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