Problem with RNA Preps from ARIA Sorts

Ck Poon cpoon at
Mon Jun 25 11:55:54 EDT 2007

Hello All,
I have a user who is sorting fresh PBMCs (from whole blood after ficoll) and
fresh mouse splenocytes with at 70um nozzle at 70psi on an ARIA. He usually
runs at a speed between 6k to 10k threshold events/sec.
He is seeing a degradation of RNA preps from cells sorted on the ARIA
compared to preps from cells sorted on a DiVantage.
Here are some other pieces of information:
- There are no UV lasers on both instruments.
- Sorting at 25psi with a 70um nozzle on the DiVantage.
- He is sorting into the same medium on both instruments.
- Viability of the sorted cells with Trypan blue gave very good viability.

Please ask if you need more specific answers.
Thank you for any input anyone may have.

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