LSR II vs. Cyan flow cytometer

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Although I agree with what Marty says here IMHO the robustness of the instrument
is a very important consideration and this cannot be tested by running a few
samples. Also the support provided by the manufacturer. If you can get the
company to leave you an instrument for a month or two that would be ideal.


Quoting Marty Bigos <mbigos at>:

> Jerry-
> Although we all have our favorites and our peeves about the various
> instruments that are available, I cannot emphasize too much the need
> for you to do your own testing. I have heard too many anecdotal
> stories of instruments purchased which did not meet user's expectations.
> As a suggestion, you could run some samples that you do on your
> current instrument and ss how they compare. For a more formal test
> you could stain the BD capture beads with varying concentrations of
> the different color conjugated Abs you will be using, and compare the
> sensitivity and ability to do correct compensation of both instruments.
> Also, if you are interested in some of the extended capabilities of
> the LSR with regard to green laser excitation, but cannot arrange
> material for testing, the works published by Steve Perfetto and Bill
> Telford on this subject are good places to start.
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> On Jun 20, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Jerry Simecka wrote:
> > I am considering getting a second flow cytometer.  We have a
> > Beckman Coulter FC500, but I am considering getting either an LSR
> > II or Cyan flow cytometer. Does anyone have experience with these
> > flow cytometers?
> >
> > We will use the new flow cytometer solely for research. I
> > understand that the LSR II is more flexible in the number of lasers
> > as well as up to 19 colors, whereas the Cyan can do 9 colors. Both
> > do more than our current flow cytometer.
> >
> > Are there other flow cytometers that we should consider instead of
> > these two?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> >
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