Digital Files on CQPro

David Adams davadams at
Fri Jun 22 12:47:18 EDT 2007

Greetings!  I am having a problem with which BD was unable to help.  We are generating
large datafiles on our Canto and Arias.  Most of the investigators want to analyze the
data files using their existing copies of CellQuest Pro.  When we transfer them to the
Macs (via sneaker- or ethernet), the OS shows the files are FCS files and that CQPro is
the default app to open them, but of course, they are ghosted out when trying to open
them from within cellquest.  FACSConvert fails due to the size of the files.  Does anyone
have a workaround for this short of telling them to buy

David Adams
University of Michigan Flow Cytometry Core

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