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You should all know that Wiley Have made all back issues of Cytometry 
freely available on the internet - this includes way back to the first 
volume. I generally gain access at this address but this may be related 
to my institutional link...of course, all ISAC members have access to 
either the hard copy or electronic versions of Cytometry Part A:

I think that you should be able to get the paper here


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W. Roy Overton wrote:
> Christine,
> The 1% positive gating method works well when the positive cells are
> brightly stained, giving a good separation between the positives and
> negatives.  In those samples, the 1% method and Overton Subtraction will
> give the same results.	However, if the sample has dim positives, the 1%
> method becomes less reliable and less meaningful, because there may be
> positive cells that are dimmer than the 1% cutoff.  The Overton Subtraction
> method finds the maximum difference between the test and control samples and
> defines that difference as the percentage positive.  Standard histogram
> subtraction does the same thing, except that it can give false positives due
> to random channel to channel variations in the data, which are eliminated by
> Overton Subtraction.	Note that if the sample has both dim and bright
> positive cells and you only want to know the percentage of bright cells, all
> of these methods may give you the wrong answer.  In those cases, cytometry
> becomes an art and you must select the appropriate analysis region manually.
> A more detailed explanation can be found in the original publication of the
> method:
>    Modified histogram subtraction technique for analysis of flow cytometry
> data
>    Cytometry, Volume 9, Issue 6, Date: November 1988, Pages: 619-626
> If you don't have access to that ancient issue of Cytometry, I think I still
> have a few dusty reprints left.
> Best regards,
> Roy
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> Dear All!
> I need help in explaning and understanding the difference between 1%
> positive gating and Overton subtraction of histograms.
> Thank you in advance and for alle the good answers we can find here!
> Sincerley
> Christine Dahl
> Skejby University Hospital
> Dep. of Pediatrics
> Denmark

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