LSR II vs. Cyan flow cytometer

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Although we all have our favorites and our peeves about the various  
instruments that are available, I cannot emphasize too much the need  
for you to do your own testing. I have heard too many anecdotal  
stories of instruments purchased which did not meet user's expectations.

As a suggestion, you could run some samples that you do on your  
current instrument and ss how they compare. For a more formal test  
you could stain the BD capture beads with varying concentrations of  
the different color conjugated Abs you will be using, and compare the  
sensitivity and ability to do correct compensation of both instruments.

Also, if you are interested in some of the extended capabilities of  
the LSR with regard to green laser excitation, but cannot arrange  
material for testing, the works published by Steve Perfetto and Bill  
Telford on this subject are good places to start.

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On Jun 20, 2007, at 3:53 PM, Jerry Simecka wrote:

> I am considering getting a second flow cytometer.  We have a	
> Beckman Coulter FC500, but I am considering getting either an LSR  
> II or Cyan flow cytometer. Does anyone have experience with these  
> flow cytometers?
> We will use the new flow cytometer solely for research. I  
> understand that the LSR II is more flexible in the number of lasers  
> as well as up to 19 colors, whereas the Cyan can do 9 colors. Both  
> do more than our current flow cytometer.
> Are there other flow cytometers that we should consider instead of  
> these two?
> Thanks
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