[Overton Subtraction]

Howard Shapiro hms at shapirolab.com
Thu Jun 21 22:56:41 EDT 2007

Roy Overton wrote:

> A more detailed explanation can be found in the original publication of the
> method:
>    Modified histogram subtraction technique for analysis of flow cytometry
> data
>    Cytometry, Volume 9, Issue 6, Date: November 1988, Pages: 619-626
> If you don't have access to that ancient issue of Cytometry, I think I still
> have a few dusty reprints left.

Keep the dusty reprints as souvenirs. All of Cytometry is now available
in .pdf format from the Wiley web site, which is accessible to ISAC
members. The older issues have been scanned in. Many journals have put
scanned material from older issues online in recent years, making many
of the classic papers in cytometry available free to anyone with
privileges at a good library (and at a sometimes reasonable price to
those without, or those whose libraries don't carry the journals in


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