ISAC Sponsored Patrick Autissier - Race across America

J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Sun Jun 17 14:35:15 EDT 2007

ISAC and Purdue CDROM sponsored Patrick Autissier has just arrived in 
Camdenton, MO, after riding 1793.9 miles with 1248.9 to go to the 
finish. He has been riding for 7 days - a total of 168:19:00 since the 
start and he has averaged	10.66 mile per hour.

I hope to meet Patrick when he is predicted to arrive in Indianapolis on 
6/19 at 6:27am......

Thanks to those who sponsored Patrick, particularly Coherent, Treestar, 
Cytek, Becton Dickinson, ISAC and the Purdue CDRROMs.

I think its great that an ISAC member is prepared to "go the extra mile" 
and publicize our society. If you have not sponsored Patrick's race, 
please consider doing so now.

Best wishes
J. Paul Robinson
President, ISAC

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