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Thu Jun 14 14:10:09 EDT 2007

Shelley (& all),
I sent a response on this topic to Ray yesterday, not thinking that anyone
else would be interested.  As others appear to be interested, I'll pass
along the gist of it to the list.

I see this all the time. I've determined that it only happens when you're
printing from a Global Worksheet. For example, when I print 20 samples from
a Global Worksheet using the "Batch Analysis" function, I find that I have
4-6 blank pages (or pages with 1 or partial plot(s) and not the others,
etc). I would print stuff for my users, and 2-3 days later they would be
back complaining that they didn't get all their printouts. Made me look
pretty stupid.	It got especially frustrating when I'd try to print to an
Adobe Acrobat PDF file to send data via email to some external users.

I finally got fed up with this, and figured out that I didn't have this
problem if I printed from a "non-global" worksheet. To do this, I now set up
"User Preferences" (under "Edit") to "Save analysis after recording through
global worksheet". I also make sure that the "Tube-specific worksheet" box
is NOT checked.  This takes the setup you're looking at on your global
worksheet and saves it as an analysis on a single "non-global" worksheet
page after saving each samples listmode data. Then, at the end of the run, I
click to the non-global worksheet and print it. I've never had a problem
with missing data pages doing this, not even printing to a PDF file. 

It's not an elegant workaround.  But it works.	FWIW, I'm still running DIVA
4.1.2. Don't know if BD fixed this in version 5.

Now for the onslaught of "out of office" replies ....
- Greg
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