Incomplete DiVa data printout

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Please try to disable advanced printer options in your windows set up , this usually
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Hi, I've seen the same phenomenon.  I find it occurs when you change too
quickly from one page display to another -- i.e., switch onto the next
tube to print before the first one has finished its trip to the printer
in one piece (your "complete data" file).  I employ the highly technical
method of counting to five before switching to the next tube -- seems to
be the interval that works well with my color printer.	I've also found
that simply switching to any other window view you may have open before
the data send is complete will result in the same incomplete printout.

Hope this helps you out --

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Wondering if anyone else is having this problem:  when we print data
from our Vantage DiVa (v. 4.0), most of the time all of the data is
printed (e.g., 'complete data' attachment).  Sometimes, however, part of
the data is missing ('incomplete data').  Re-printing results in a
complete data sheet, but several printouts later, it will occur again.

I'm not sure if this is  problem with our printer (a _cheap_ HP Deskjet
5740) or our copy of DiVa software?  It's been going on for a long time
and I'm just now getting around to trying to figure it out.

Is anyone with a similar sorter and DiVa software version having the
same problem?

Thanks for any help.

Ray Hester
Univ of South Alabama

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