Incomplete DiVa data printout

McAllister, Cynthia McAllisC at
Thu Jun 14 15:02:09 EDT 2007

We have had the same problem as well.  The only "fix" I have found is to
always do a 'print preview' before printing each sheet.  I never seem to
have incomplete data if I do that first.


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Hi Ray,

We've had the same problem for a long time.  We are using a HPbusiness
inkjet 2300.

Let me know if you get anywhere with this problem, I'd like to solve it


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On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, Ray Hester wrote:

> Hi,
> Wondering if anyone else is having this problem:  when we print data
> from our Vantage DiVa (v. 4.0), most of the time all of the data is
> printed (e.g., 'complete data' attachment).  Sometimes, however, part
> the data is missing ('incomplete data').  Re-printing results in a
> complete data sheet, but several printouts later, it will occur again.
> I'm not sure if this is  problem with our printer (a _cheap_ HP
> 5740) or our copy of DiVa software?  It's been going on for a long
> and I'm just now getting around to trying to figure it out.
> Is anyone with a similar sorter and DiVa software version having the
> same problem?
> Thanks for any help.
> Ray Hester
> Univ of South Alabama

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