2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting

Allan Kachelmeier kachelme at ohsu.edu
Thu Jun 14 11:02:29 EDT 2007

To all flow'ers, and other interested parties,

Re: Early notice of the 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting, March 13 -
15, in Portland

The 2008 NW Regional Cytometry Meeting will be held March 13 - 15 at
OHSU in Portland. The theme of the meeting is a discussion of recent
points of convergence between flow and imaging, with topics including
cytomics, development of more sophisticated probes, sharing of
analytical tools, bar coding, and high content screening. Speakers
include Alan Waggoner, Bob Zucker, Brent Wood, Ed Walker, Ger van den
Engh, J. Paul Robinson, and Peter Krutzik.

For more information, contact the program coordinator at
kachelme at ohsu.edu. Thanks.

Allan Kachelmeier, 2008 NWRCM coordinator
Manager, confocal microscopy core
Oregon Hearing Research Center

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