Proposal for a POST ISAC XXIV cruise of the Danube

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Hi folks,

Want to extend the relaxing part of our next international 
meeting?  The post meeting vacation??

I am organizing a post ISAC XXIV cruise on the Danube!	For those who 
did the Post "Montpellier ISAC meeting" cruise on the Saone and 
Rhone, in 2000, you know how fun these river cruises are.  And for 
those who have not done a river cruise, this is your chance, with a 
group of great cytometrists!  By way of introduction, these cruises 
are on low river cruise ships, with very small capacities... just 136 
passengers max!!  (so our early booking is essential!)	They are 
relaxing, interesting, and offer engaging opportunities to meet folks 
from all over!	The food is excellent, and there is on board 
entertainment and lectures as well (NOT on cytometry!!!) on the local 
history and folklore.  Prices include all meals and all (guided) 
shore excursions!!  We'll enjoy a captain's welcome and farewell 
dinner There is very little to add!  Except maybe a bottle of wine 
with dinner!!  And I'll throw in a bottle of Great Hungarian wine to 
welcome you!   Your costs are contained!!  You won't be nickel and 
dimed into poverty!

We have two itinerary options .... and I will be happy to organize 
whichever (or both) you suggest.  Both are from Uniworld, so you can 
look up the itineraries on line if you like at 
,  Distinguished as "Top Ten Small Ship Cruise Line" by 
Travel+Leisure Magazine!!  I've compared these and the prices on 
Uniworld are well below comparable itineraries on other European 
River Cruise lines.

The first, European Jewels, a 16 day cruise leaving Budapest on May 
25, begins with 2 days of sightseeing there, boarding the River 
Princess on the 27th, to travel up the Danube, through Vienna, the 
Wachau Valley, Melk, Passau, Regensburg, up the Main River,  Bamberg, 
Wurzburg, Wertheim, with side trips to Miltenberg and Heidelberg, 
Rudesheim on the Rhine, Cologne and then Amsterdam...  On this cruise 
there are 13 guided shore excursions.  We are offered a $200 group 
discount from the standard prices (which vary by category, from $4339 
- 5539)  plus a $250 discount for early booking (by Nov. 30 2007) and 
a $50 on board credit if we get 20 passengers!	This cruise also 
offers extend post cruise stay in Amsterdam.

The second option, Enchanting Danube, an 8 day cruise, requires us to 
travel by land / train / air to Passau by May 25, to board the River 
Empress to cruise back the Danube to Budapest... this cruise goes 
through Linz, Durnstein, through the Wachau Valley to Vienna, 
Bratislava in Slovakia, and Budapest.  This cruise includes 6 guided 
shore excursions.   We are offered a $100 group discount from 
standard rates (which vary from $2449 - $3549) plus a $150 early 
booking discount, and a $50 on board credit if we get 20.

If you are interested in exploring the options, joining us for one or 
the other of these post ISAC eastern Europe vacations,	please 
contact me as soon as possible by return email.  I will be happy to 
give you the price breakdown for different category levels.  Be 
advised the lower cost ones go first...  I will be reviewing a 
contract to pursue these options next week.  Your interest will help 
determine which we pursue!


Susan DeMaggio, MS BSMT(ASCP) QCym
President and CEO

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Flow Cytometry Recruiting and Training
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Irvine, CA  92617

FAX 725-3752

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