Summary: Identifying skin sub populations by flow

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Dear Flowers, 


I just wanted to say thanks so much to those of you who were able to
offer some suggestions regarding the identification of skin sub
populations. Your contributions were very much appreciated and are
summarised here. 


Thanks again, 




If you are working on human skin, then CD1a is a terrific marker for
Langerhans cells.  There are quite a few antibodies available.	For the
other cell types, I'm not aware of specific cell surface markers that
are used in flow cytometry, although this may just be my ignorance.
Several different anti-cytokeratin antibodies are used commonly in
immunohistology for labeling keratinocytes, and these could work by flow
if the cells are permeablized.  



I am not familiar with this either, but Langerhans: CD1a.



I started to look at this a little while ago.  These are papers that I
thought may be useful...



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putative epidermal stem cells derived from small skin punch biopsies. 

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