Adipose tissue in flow cytometry

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ONce you have your adipose seperated, you can positively select for  
it using Nile Red dye (Invitrogen).

Nile Red Dye
Hydrophobic probe
EM MAX is determined by the relative hydrophobicity of surrounding  
Dissolved in neutral lipids, emits gold (FL2)
Dissolved in amphipathic lipids, emits red (FL3)
Smyth and Wharton (1992) characterized the differentiation of adipocytes
Ratio of Gold/Red defines differentiation

See papers:
Berstein, RL etal. Cytometery 10:469-474 (1989)
Backesjo, C-M, etal. Journal of Bone and Miner Research  Vol 21,  
Number 7, 2006 page 993-1002
Kelley and Gimble, Endocrinology vol 139, no 5 (1998)
Greenspan 1985 Journal of Cell Biology Vol 100: Marach	1985  965-973
Smith and Wharton, Exp Cell Research 199, 29-38 (1992)

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On Jun 5, 2007, at 10:26 AM, Ann Kelly wrote:

> Hello Flow-ers,
>    My principal investigator is looking for information from those  
> researchers with experience in the analysis of adipose tissue via  
> flow cytometry. This is a new area of research for our group, and  
> we are seeking a method for cell separation. Our hope is to be able  
> to isolate lymphocytes and granulocytes from the whole of the  
> adipose tissue.  Here are a couple of basic questions:
>  1. What method of tissue digestion is favored prior to a cell sort?
>  2. Do we need to sort the granulocytes and lymphocytes from the  
> other cells present in adipose tissue with a density gradient  
> ( i.e. sucrose, Percoll, etc.) prior to performing a cell sort?
> Any advice about our new endeavor is welcome.
> Thank you,
> Ann Kelly
> Oregon Health Science University
> Senior Research Assistant
> Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

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