Problems with dropdelay on FacsAria

Wayne Harris waharri at
Mon Jun 11 01:15:08 EDT 2007

check the red laser that illuminates the side streams. it is probably  
losing power output. You can ask BD probably to just send the  
replacement if the engineer can't come. it is very simple to  
replace.  A new  full powered laser will likely eliminate the problem.

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On Jun 8, 2007, at 6:42 AM, Zhang, Yan wrote:

> Hi flowers
> I 've had problems with dropdelay recently, the stream has been ok,  
> but when I started to run AccuDrop to decide the drop delay, I  
> couldn't get the side stream focused properly at 2000-4000 events/ 
> seconds, so when the optical filter was turned on, I couldn't get  
> up to 100, not even 70 of the intensity.
> But when I increased the acquisition speed to over 5000 events/ 
> seconds, I could get nearly 100 side stream intensity. According to  
> BD operation manual, the acquisition speed should be within  
> 2000-4000 events/s, so what should I do? I tried to adjust the  
> camera for side stream, the drop generation was nice and stable,  
> and I have tried to re-insert the nozzle to get a nice stream with  
> correct drop generation.
>  I don't know what else I should adjust anymore. Could some experts  
> give me some practical suggestions for solving the problems?
> Thank you!
> Yan Zhang
> Flow-lab
> Akershus universityhospital
> Norway

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