which form of verapamil?

Blazej Rychlik brychlik at biol.uni.lodz.pl
Fri Jun 8 18:50:17 EDT 2007

Dear Ray,
I usually use verapamil hydrochloride to stop ABCB1 (AKA MDR1) activity
but I think any of these listed by you can be used with similar efficacy.
You can use a concentration of up to 50 ľM to stop ABCB1 almost
completely. However Hoechst 33342 is a very good substrate of ABCG2 (AKA
BCRP or MXR) protein for which verapamil is not a good inhibitor. Some
specific inhibitor like KO143 could be used to stop its activity.
Best regards,
Blazej Rychlik
Cytometry Lab
Department of Molecular Biophysics
University of Lodz
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