Decrease in MFI using HTS on LSRII

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Tue Jun 5 11:27:33 EDT 2007

Dear Group,


I am posting the following question for a colleague:


Here is my question for the Flow cytometry group.



I have been trying to develop a plate based assay to measure a
cell-surface antigen on CHO cells using the LSRII-HTS system.


I perform the staining in 12X75mm polypropylene tubes.	At the end of
the staining procedure, I transfer to polystyrene tubes and the mean
fluorescence of intensity is determined on the LSRII-HTS system.  I then
take that same sample, transfer to polypropylene or polystyrene U-bottom
96-well plates and re-analyze the samples using the HTS system.


The MFI of the samples analyzed in the tubes is > than	the MFI of the
samples analyzed in the plates?  It is the same sample.

Shouldn't the MFI's be relatively the same?


 I would like this to be a plate-based assay because there are quite a
number of samples to be evaluated but I don't feel comfortable with the
plate-based results.


Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  





Andy Morschauser

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