LSR II vs. FACScanto

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The stability problem may have been due to an early excitation optics  
configuration. We have 3 LSR-IIs around here with 150 mW green lasers  
and all are stable after 15 min.

BD should be able to give you the spec on the green laser lifetime.  
None of the lasers here have failed, and the oldest is more than 2  
years old, getting daily operation.

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On May 29, 2007, at 12:59 PM, lixin86 wrote:

> Dear Mario,
> I have read your paper regarding to the Green laser which we plan  
> to put in LSRII instead
> of UV laser. To my understanding, it will take 60mins for the Green  
> laser warm up. Could
> you please comment the other disadvantage with usage of Green Laser  
> with Red, Blue and
> Violet in LSRII? How many hours a green laser can last?
> Thanks.
> Lisa
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>> Note that an 18 color machine should be purchased not because you are
>> doing 18 colors, but because you are doing 10-12 colors!  We have had
>> 18-color capability for 4 years, but rarely do more than 16...
>> The point is that it is much easier to do a 12 color experiment on an
>> 18 color machine, than it is to do 12 colors on a 12 color machine
>> (because of the considerable additional flexibility of mixing and
>> matching reagents when you have additional colors available).
>> Nowadays, it is much more common to try to do 9-color experiments.
>> Designing 9-color panels on a 9-color machine is far more difficult
>> than it is on a 12, 15, or 18-color machine. If you are planning on	
>> doing 6-color experiments, then a 9-color machine is reasonable.
>> My point is only that the number of colors that your machine is
>> capable of should exceed, hopefully by a reasonable margin, the
>> number of colors that you wish to do...
>> mr
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