An innovative new two DVD set on Cytometry- Free to all

J. Paul Robinson jpr at
Mon Jun 4 23:40:22 EDT 2007

Dear Colleagues

We are almost finished one of the most exciting projects we have done. 
It is our new DVD "Cytometry - 60 years of Innovation". It's our first 
DVD. Actually, it's a two DVD set - one DVD works on your DVD player and 
the other on your computer. The contents are really fantastic - original 
video of Mack Fulwyler explaining how he invented the cell sorter, 
including pages from his original lab notebook on how he came up with 
the ideas...Len Herzenberg showing how he developed the technology into 
something that impacted the whole world. Howard Shapiro - one of us who 
has contributed his life to the field, as well as bringing the key 
technology comes to you in song! Dozens of the leaders of the field tell 
us how they see cytometry in the past, present and future. Of course, 
there are lots of educational features on the disc as well - lectures, 
powerpoint files galore, and a plethora of educational materials to 
enhance your role as a student, staff member, teacher or core manager.

The way we bring these educational discs free to you all is via our 
sponsors. Sony has graciously donated the production from the Indiana 
plant - you probably didn't know that your downloaded songs, dvds and 
cds are probably mostly produced in good ole' Indiana - but they are!!

This 60 year celebration of cytometry - brings Diamond Sponsors Bangs 
Labs and Beckman-Coulter who lead our sponsors. Both companies bring a 
depth of knowledge and skills to cytometry. Beckman-Coulter started the 
field with the invention by Wallace Coulter of the Coulter counter over 
50 years ago. Bangs Labs has been a leader in bead technology for many 
years. Both companies have been two of our strongest supporters over the 
many years of doing these educational projects. Thank you for that support.

Major sponsors who generously supported this initiative include Partec, 
Invitrogen, Dako, Guava and John Wiley & Sons, publisher of Cytometry 
Part A. These major players in the field of cytometry are known to all 
of you.

We also acknowledge support from Hamamatsu, Southern Biotech, Compucyte, 
Phoenix Flow systems, Spherotech, Accuri Cytometers, EXBIO Praha,A.S., 
Duke Scientific, Coherent, Q-Imaging and Verity Software. All of these 
companies provide quality cytometry related resources and we are very 
grateful for their support of this really exciting educational and 
historic project.

Finally, I want to give one last opportunity for any of you to submit 
materials that might enhance this project. We have a few days to go 
before the project is literally "etched" in plastic! Send your materials 
to Monica Shively, the producer of this project. 
(monica at ). If you want to see a sneak preview of 
the project, go to

We will be distributing 10,000 copies of this two DVD boxed set - I hope 
you all get a chance to get a copy. Please ask your sales rep from one 
of the above companies they will all have copies for distribution. They 
are the best source of this historic DVD set. Purdue University 
Cytometry Laboratories, who also bring you this discussion board are 
pleased to continue bringing innovative projects on cytometry to you. I 
hope you enjoy this one. It's the best we have ever done!

Kind regards

J. Paul Robinson
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
J. Paul Robinson
SVM Professor of Cytomics
Professor of Immunopharmacology & Biomedical Engineering
Director, Purdue University Cytometry Laboratories
President, International Society for Analytical Cytology

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