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Dear Trinidad...

We have a Cell Lab Quanta equipped with both the 488 nm laser and the Hg arc lamp option.
 With the 488 nm laser operating, the instrument functions as a three-color flow
cytometer for FITC/PE/PE-Cy5 or PI (with electronic volume in place of forward scatter). 
The Hg lamp option is excellent for doing DAPI cell cycle - you can use Hoechst dyes too,
but DAPI probably gives the best cell cycle resolution, and has low binding to RNA. The
flow cell design on the Quanta also gives very stable cell passage, essential to good
cell cycle analysis.   You can also replace the UV filter in front of the lamp with a
green, and do high resolution PI cell cycle as well.

We've also used the Hg lamp for Hoechst SP, but without simultaneous phenotyping.  We
have not tried other UV applications (i.e. indo-1 calcium) - the amount of UV light
reaching the flow cell might not be sufficient for these dimmer probes, however.

Take care,

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What is your opinion about CELL LAB QUANTA (Beckman Coulter)?
What think about excitation UV from a Hg arc lamp? (measures of dyes as 
DAPI, Hoeschst

T. Parra Cid
Coordinadora de la Unidad de Investigación
Hospital Universitario de Guadalajara
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