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Dear All

After sending attachments with the message below I realised there was a
risk of these being removed so here are the references "long-hand"

Keeney et al 1998 Cytometry 34:280-283 and O'Gorman and Thomas 1999
Cytometry 38:78-80.


Hi Rosie

The two attached papers (pdf's), although now a bit dated, raise some
interesting issues.

Best wishes


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>>> Rosemary Clarke <r.z.clarke at> 29/05/2007 16:46:05 >>>
Hello everyone in flow land,

A PhD student in the lab has recently had her viva and was asked why  
she didn't use isotype controls in her flow cytometry. There are  
technical reasons specific to the assays that made these unnecessary  
and irrelevant that we can easily explain. However, I was wondering  
if anyone out there has a reference that we can cite that explains  
the pitfalls of relying on isotype controls? I always feel it gives  
more weight to an argument if you can prove you are not the only one  
with a way of doing things!

Thanks in advance

Dr Rosie Clarke
Division of Cell Biology and Immunology
University of Dundee
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