Custom LSR-II - laser options?

Adrian Smith a.smith at
Mon Jul 2 21:47:20 EDT 2007

Dear all,

We are looking at options for a new custom-LSR-II and I'm keen to  
hear feedback on peoples' experience with different lasers.

I'm sold on the green laser option for PE and its tandems. However,  
we are also very interested in being able to efficiently excite red  
fluorescent proteins like mCherry and mPlum and I'm wondering what  
the best approach is to configure an instrument to cover both options?

What options are there in terms of lasers and in regards to  
configuring them on the LSR-II optical bench (how many lasers can you  
accommodate? has anyone got a "switching" setup working where they  
choose between different lasers lines? etc)


Adrian Smith
Centenary Institute, Sydney, Australia

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