New Red Exciting laser for my MoFlo

Howard Shapiro hms at
Mon Jan 29 17:51:06 EST 2007

Janet Dow wrote-

> So my next question-where can I look to find out more info about  
> lasers and optics and filters and mirrors-I always feel very	
> inadequate in my knowledge of them.  Is there a good reference book  
> I could get and memorize for the future??

The 4th Edition of Practical Flow Cytometry (2003) discusses most of  
the lasers that have been mentioned in this thread, the 561 nm solid  
state laser being the most notable exception, as well as optics,  
filters, and mirrors. I'll try to hit the high points, and bring  
things up to date, in "Cytometry from Scratch," which I hope will be  
out late this year or early next year.

Jeff Hecht's "The Laser Guidebook" was last updated (2nd Edition) in  
1992; he doesn't seem inclined to write a new edition, so that won't  
help much.


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