New Red Exciting laser for my MoFlo

Barbara Joan Taylor taylorba at
Thu Jan 25 16:41:34 EST 2007


I have a Coherent Innova 70C Spectrum laser on my FACS Vantage SE. It is a
big water-cooled laser but it can be used at 457, 488, 514, 568, and 647 nm
(you can easily get 100 mw at each of these wavelengths) and it is very easy
to change wavelengths.	I have used 568 numerous times for dsRed, monomeric
RFP, tomato, cherry, and strawberry.  It gets a lot of use at 514 for YFP
when the primary argon is tuned to 457 for CFP. I also use it at 647 as my
red laser. I hope I am not tempting fate by saying this, but it has had only
one minor problem in the past 5 years.	I do not know the current price.

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On 1/24/07 1:45 PM, "janet dow" <jldow at> wrote:

> Hey Fellow Flow-ers;
> I am putting together a proposal for adding a new laser to my MoFlo.
> I already have a UV, 488 nm and 635 nm on it but there is real demand
> for a laser that can excite in the 535-587 ranges.  I have potential
> clients who want to use DS Red, Monomeric RFB and some of the new red
> proteins developed by Dr. Tsien at UCSD.
> I have contacted Dako to see what they offer but wanted to get an
> idea from the experts about which wavelength laser would be best for
> our needs and what the potential cost will be.
> As always thanks in advance for all the help.
> For ever in this List's debt,
> Janet Dow

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