New Red Exciting laser for my MoFlo

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> Hey Fellow Flow-ers;
> I am putting together a proposal for adding a new laser to my MoFlo. I
> already have a UV, 488 nm and 635 nm on it but there is real demand for a
> laser that can excite in the 535-587 ranges.	I have potential clients
> who want to use DS Red, Monomeric RFB and some of the new red proteins
> developed by Dr. Tsien at UCSD.
> I have contacted Dako to see what they offer but wanted to get an idea
> from the experts about which wavelength laser would be best for our needs
> and what the potential cost will be.

Hi Janet

I'm not sure I'd call 535-587nm red!

I use the 528nm line from an Ar ion laser (Innova 90 from Coherent) for 
mRFP & DSred quite happily.  I had the laser anyway on my MoFlo so it just 
needed the specific output coupler to get that line.

I'll also use a 510/20 bandpass (rather than my more usual 530/30) to 
detect GFP from my 488nm at the same time as using the 528nm.

Hoope this helps


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