New Red Exciting laser for my MoFlo

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Hi Janet...

There are some interesting options for yellow excitation available now:

DPSS 561 nm lasers are now widely manufactured (Melles Griot, Coherent,
Cobolt and Oxxius all have nice units, among others), and are available
in the 50 mW range, probably enough for jet-in-air instruments.  DsRed
excites very well with this wavelength, and I would expect the
longer-wavelength fruit FPs would do the same.	

We also have a 580 nm fiber laser manufactured by MPB Communications in
Canada (  This unit emits TEM00 up to 200 mW, making
it very applicable for jet-in-air systems.  We presented an evaluation
of a prototype unit at the last ISAC meeting, and found that it worked
very well for DsRed, as well as Texas Red/Alexa Fluor 594, and even for
APC and its tandems.

We've also tested a few DPSS 593.5 nm lasers made by companies that
don't normally spec their units for biomedical analysis - they are still
too "noisy" for cytometry.  None of the laser manufacturers who
traditionally design for cytometry have released a 593.5 nm unit yet
that I am aware of, but I think this will change soon.

Let me know if you want more specific info.

Take care,


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Hey Fellow Flow-ers;

I am putting together a proposal for adding a new laser to my MoFlo. 
I already have a UV, 488 nm and 635 nm on it but there is real demand 
for a laser that can excite in the 535-587 ranges.  I have potential 
clients who want to use DS Red, Monomeric RFB and some of the new red 
proteins developed by Dr. Tsien at UCSD.

I have contacted Dako to see what they offer but wanted to get an 
idea from the experts about which wavelength laser would be best for 
our needs and what the potential cost will be.

As always thanks in advance for all the help.

For ever in this List's debt,

Janet Dow
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