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Kristie Gordon kmg2109 at
Thu Jan 18 13:14:41 EST 2007

Cell Sorter Operator_New York City

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility, within the Irving Cancer Center at 
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons is seeking a full 
time Cell Sorter Operator.  This state-of-the art research core facility has 
two BD FACSAria cell sorters,  a BD LSRII, a BD FACSCalibur and BD FACScan. 
The incumbent will provide training and technical assistance in instrument 
operation and data analysis to users of the facility.  Daily calibration, 
operation, and maintenance of the BD FACSAria cell sorters, BD LSRII, BD 
FACSCalibur and BD FACScan.  He/She will perform flow cytometric analysis 
and sorting of cell populations based on surface markers and/or 
intracellular probes.  He/She will provide assistance to individuals 
performing complex multi-parameter analysis using BD FACSDiVa, CellQuest 
PRO, or FLOWJO software. Maintains laboratory quality control records, 
supply inventories and instrument usage logs to generate billing.  Maintains 
compliance with established laboratory safety procedures. Properly disposes 
of infectious and hazardous materials.	Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education/Training: Bachelor's degree in a biology, chemistry and/or 
related field.

Minimum Experience: 2 years flow cytometry experience and 2-4 years of 
general laboratory experience. A strong knowledge of flow cytometry 
applications and experience in cell sorting on a research instrument is 

Kristie M. Gordon
Flow Cytometry Core Facility
Department of Medicine
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue Rm938
New York,  New York  10032
kmg2109 at

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