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MSD, Inc. has asked me to post this job opening on their behalf. Please,
contact David Dowling at ddowling at directly regarding the


Cell Sorter Operator


MSD is an employee-owned company of over 600 professionals who support
the diverse scientific, technical, and administrative needs of the
Federal government. We are currently searching for an experienced Cell
Sorter Operator to support one of our clients at the National Institutes
of Health (NIH). This opportunity is permanent, full-time, and on site
in Bethesda/Rockville, MD.


The Cell Sorter Operator will independently perform a full range of
complex assignments and projects that involve intensive application of
knowledge of flow cytometry.  The incumbent will assist and work closely
with research scientists. Areas of application include cell
differentiation, immunology, parasitology, bacteriology, pathogenesis,
and molecular immunology.  



The Cell Sorter Operator will interact with Scientists and Technicians
of all levels, daily responsibilities are typical of the following:

*	  Calibrate, maintain and conduct quality control procedures of
major fluidic and optical systems of the flow cytometer. 

*	  Maintain a Windows OS, other technical support to include data
storage, archival and analysis, and hard copy output.  

*	  Train department personnel in the operation of the flow
cytometer and will train investigators in the operation of data analysis
software or flow cytometer.

*	  Responsible for modifications and adjustment of instrument
parameters and will identify control samples, according to experimental

*	  Responsible for establishing and maintaining record keeping
systems of instrument parameters, computer data backups and instrument

*	  Prepare reports of instrument usage by personnel and quality
control information.

*	  Review current flow cytometry literature for improved
methodologies and quality control procedures.

*	  Provide additional technical support and troubleshoot
instrument or computer problems as they arise.


Required Knowledge and Skills:

*	2+ years experience as a cell sorter operator, or 4+ years
performing flow cytometry.
*	Prior experience monitoring variables that affect the quality of
flow cytometric analysis and skill in evaluating and interpreting the
results of quality control procedures and implementing corrective action
where indicated.  
*	Knowledge of biology and scientific approach in order to perform
the full range of duties related to experimental protocol and the use of
the cytometer to design experiments for original research.  
*	Skilled in developing new applications for the cell sorter and
participation in the design of experiments.
*	Thorough knowledge of regulations, policies, and guidelines
related to biohazard constraints and the handling of biological
materials, infectious agents, chemicals, radioactive materials, etc.
*	Familiarity with computers and some understanding of
spectroscopy and electronics.  
*	Excellent written and verbal communications skills, experience
communicating with peers and management of a scientific nature.
*	BS or MS in biology or related scientific field. 



Please submit resumes and salary requirements to David Dowling at
ddowling at 



Mehrnoosh Abshari

Manager, Twinbrook Satellite Flow Cytometry Facility


Contractor, MSD, Inc.

Twinbrook II, Rm 103C

12441 Parklawn Dr,

Rockville, MD 20852

Office: 301-402-8502

Lab: 301-402-8481

Email: absharim at


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