Ameliorating PI staining

giovanna farruggia giovanna.farruggia at
Wed Jan 17 09:20:55 EST 2007

Hy fklowers and happy 2007 to everyone! To day I had a little surprise 
coming back to flow cytometry. In December we analyzed the cell cycle 
of  HT29 and Caco cells,  fixed in ethanol and stained in PBS contaning 
RNase and PI (50 microgram/mL) after  two washes in PBS. Some of the 
samples showed a very bad signal, we checked the alignement and was OK, 
but we couldn't get good signal. The samples were put in the fridge (4 
°C) and left up today, when the technician of the lab tried to analyze 
them again. She found very good cell cycles and she reanalyze all the 
sample and they show very beautiful peaks. She call me and ask why they 
were so bad before, and the only explanation I found is that she left 
ethanol in the sample. Could it be correct, and can we consider 
attendible the samples analyzed today? Thank a lot
Giovanna Farruggia

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