IV interactive course in Cytometry, Modena, Italy, 2007 March 6-9

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Sat Jan 13 07:12:01 EST 2007

Dear guys,

I would like to invite you to the IV interactive course in Cytometry that 
will be held in Modena, Italy in 2007 March 6-9.

All aspects of analytical cytology will be treated; the teachers are among 
the top international experts of cytometric techniques, and all gave a 
significant contribution to the research in different areas, including 
Immunology.The course is addressed to researchers who are already able of 
using a flow cytometer. Here is the detailed program:

Tuesday, March 6
17:30-18:00		    Opening Cerimony
18:00-19:00		    Lectio Magistralis: G. Kroemer

Gala Dinner

Wednesday, March 7:

9:00-10:00		     Symposium FlowJo (title TBD) – Presentation of 
the software
10:15-11:30		    J. P. Robinson – Principles of cell analysis
11:30-12:45		    J. Dobrucki – The fluorescent world


14:00-14:45		    Symposium BD (M. Bo – In vitro assays for 
basophil activation)
15:00-18:00	       Z. Darzynkiewicz & A. Cossarizza  – An apoptotic 

Local food Dinner

Thursday, March 8

9:00-10:30		     R. F. Murphy - Analysis of protein subcellular 
10:30-11.15		    Symposium Coulter (title TBD)
11:30-12:45		    A. Tarnok – Laser Scanning Cytometry


14:00-14:45	       Symposium Partec (M. Steinberg: New Applications with 
CyFlow Complete Flow Cytometry Solutions)
15:00-18:00	       M. Roederer & G. Borsellino – Multicolor & 

Music Dinner

Friday, March 9

9:00-10:45		     E. O’Connors – Oxigen and its radicals
11:00-12:45		    J. Szöllosi  - FRET for Detecting Protein 


14:00-14:45		    Symposium DAKO (title TBD)
15:00-18:00	       A. Radbruch & F. Annunziato  Just cytokines

Survivors Dinner

For more information about accomodation and payment, visit our website at

or contact Dr. Gabriele Marcotullio at
marcotullio at unimore.it

See you there


Enrico Lugli
Laboratory of Immunology
Section of General Pathology
Dept. of Biomedical Sciences
University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
41011, Modena, Italy
Tel. +39 059 2055425
e-mail: lugli.enrico at unimore.it

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