Leonie Gaudry L.gaudry at unsw.EDU.AU
Mon Jan 15 18:36:38 EST 2007

I have been asked to do FRET using mCherry to GFP and also CFP to YFP.
I was going to tune my second Laser to first 458nm for CFP then 568 
for the mCherry.
Are there any alignment beads to confirm detection at these 
excitation wavelengths as wells as emission  at 475nm for CFP anf 
610nm for the mCherry?
As we are looking for energy transfer I presume I would have to turn 
off the 488nm Laser. Does this mean  triggering on fluorescence for 
the mCherry and CFP?
I would appreciate any help from the community.
Thank you
Leonie Gaudry

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