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Hello Mei...

I like AnthroBenches, made by Anthro (  AnthroBenches are a
sturdier version of the familiar AnthroCarts often used as computer desks.  They are easy
to assemble and can be customized with shelves, keyboard trays, etc.  They are also on
casters, so you can move your instrument (i.e. for service) if you need to  They support
>250 kilos, and are stable enough for most commercial cytometers.

As I recall, the cost was about $1500 apiece fully equipped - not cheap, but they are
lifetime investments.  We have used them for most of our instruments.

And I have no commercial relationship with Anthro, etc., etc. ;-)


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Dear Colleagues:

We just purchased a FACS Canto II.  We need a table to put the
instrument.  BD does sell one which costs slightly less than $2000, and
$820 for shiping.  We wonder whether any of you in U.S.A. have bought a
table from other commercial sourses, which may be less expensive than

Many companies sell less expensive tables for laboratory.  However,
none of them meet the specifications for Canto II (72(H)x30(D)x27(H)
inches, and be able to hold more than 400 LBs.	

Thanks in advance!
Mei Chang
Children's Hospital of orange County, CA, USA.
e-mail: mchang at 

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