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Mon Jan 8 02:42:22 EST 2007

Hello All,

I have been asked to run some samples for an undergraduate prac class
where the students clone promoters into a promoterless GFP vector in
bacteria and then quantitate the fluorescence. This prac was run last
year but due to lack of time last year they confirmed that colonies were
or were not fluorescing under UV light but this year they need to find a
way of quantitating the fluorescence, preferably using flow . Previously
they used the gfpmut3 gene (ex 501nm em 511nm) however when one of the
honours students bought me some of these samples (for an unrelated
project) I had difficulty detecting any signal on the Calibur (ex 488nm
and Fl1 530/30bp). Does anyone have any suggestions of easy to
obtain/clone/fluoresce promotors?
Thanks in advance
Dr Kathryn Heel-Miller
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